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How to Build a Successful Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Program

in remote patient monitoring.

RPM Technology is evolving quickly and a capital investment in owning frequently-updated RPM devices and systems can be problematic.

SAM GROUP will provide the most appropriate RPM Devices and Systems that are the best fit for your organization and your patients. At NO UPFRONT COST to your organization. You do not have to invest in ownership or management of the devices.

The SAM GROUP TEAM will manage all the devices, the logistics, and training for your staff and patients.

SAM GROUP has an integration strategy for delivering RPM biometric data to your EHR for E/M analysis and billing.  Your organization chooses the protocols you want for routine and priority alerts management.

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RPM devices track essential vital signs such as blood pressure, heart rate, blood glucose levels, oxygen saturation and temperature, and transmit them to the patient’s treating physician.

“The rapid adoption of RPM during the pandemic has set the stage for strong additional RPM uptake over the next five years. Among the reasons (medical) providers are jumping into RPM investments is patient preference… Now that providers have seen that RPM has a real purpose, future use is all but given.”

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About CPT Code 99454 – Remote Patient Monitoring

RPM expense code CPT 99454 includes the medical device or devices supplied to the patient, the programming of the medical device for repeated monitoring, and costs to ensure secure transmission of the biometric data through the cloud for evaluation. The medical devices that are supplied to the patient and used to collect physiologic data are considered equipment and as such are direct practice expense inputs relative to this code.

How Primary Care Can Build
Partnerships with Home Health

Continuous remote patient monitoring (cRPM) solutions
with both in-home and remote Team-Based Care led by your treating physicians.

24/7 Monitoring and Nurse Triage as a
seamless addition to your Care Team

Mobile Application links the patient
with all the in-home and remote
care stakeholders on the team

monitors when
movement is registered

identifies when there is a change

senses when movement
is recognized

records and reports
when a chair is used

records and reports
when a door is used

“Nearly 90% of people over age 65 want to stay in their home for as long as possible, and 80% believe their current residence is where they will always live”

“Family physicians treating older patients with chronic and disabling co-morbidities who cannot leave home without considerable effort have the opportunity to establish collaborative partnerships with an increasingly diverse array of home care providers. By forming working relationships with these providers, physicians can help their patients achieve positive health outcomes in ways that will also reduce overall health care costs.” 

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