SAM GROUP is pleased to announce the addition of Michael Cadger to our Board of Advisors and the engagement of his company, Monocle Health Data to license its technology for healthcare provider cost and quality analytics.

After receiving his MBA from the Wharton School, Mr. Cadger began his career in hospital administration where he worked for HUMANA and rose to the position of regional CFO of the HUMANA hospital network. He then worked with Mercer (formerly A. Foster Higgins) and was a healthcare partner at PwC (Price Waterhouse Coopers), then CEO of a statewide health care plan with 300,000 covered lives in Georgia for Peach State Health Plan. Mr. Cadger is currently Founder and CEO of Monocle Health Data.

“We see several opportunities where Monocle Health’s analytics engine can help our clients improve their ‘clinical best practices’ for effective care management of chronic illness and also empower the patients we help manage become better consumers of healthcare services” said Lynn Lamprecht, President of SAM GROUP. “Having Michael as an advisor will help us to reach our goal for delivering highest quality services and support to our clients.”     

Mike Cadger stated that “at Monocle, we have uploaded the entire CMS government database, and we’ve mapped every claim to every patient to every doctor to every diagnosis. So, we’re not just telling you how much an office visit costs, we’re telling you which doctor treated say a forty-five year old male with type 2 diabetes, congestive heart failure and asthma at the lowest price but with the highest quality over a rolling 12 month average. We actually rank each doctor and facility combination in each market by primary, secondary and tertiary diagnosis by percentile. So, the ranking is not just three stars or four stars, we can tell you which doctors are better at treating which illnesses considering aggregate cost and quality for all services.”

The value of these kinds of analytics is not just a great benefit for healthcare consumers, but it can also help doctors determine which treatments they excel at and which treatments they need to focus on improving their clinical practices or choose to refer to other physicians for treatment.

“The connected care management services such as remote patient monitoring, and behavioral health integration using team-based care models that SAM GROUP offers are a good fit with the indications we see from our analytics data,” continued Mr. Cadger. “SAM GROUP’s clients can use our data to make clinical improvements and build the best care teams to deliver highest value care to their patients.”

According to AHRQ “Well-implemented team-based care has the potential to improve the coordination, efficiency, effectiveness, and value of care, as well as the satisfaction of patients and providers.”

Monocle Health Data was named Intel Innovation Finalist for its unique “Big Data” analytics and accuracy with statistical methods rendering its rankings accurate 97% of the time within 1 percentile.  Using Monocle provides measurable improvements in quality and longitudinal price efficiency.

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Mike Cadger joins SAM Board of Advisory and SAM contracts with Monocle Health Data