SAM GROUP is pleased to announce the addition of Rosemary Glavan to its management team. In her new role as Senior Vice President, Glavan brings an impeccable track record of success in delivering critical leadership, strategic planning, and sustainable results for health-focused companies.

Glavan has built and led high-performing multi-disciplinary teams providing concierge care, remote patient monitoring, telehealth and care coordination, as well as directing clinical call center operations for 24 hour nurse triage.

“Rosemary’s clinical operations experience will be invaluable to SAM GROUP’s clients,” said Lynn Lamprecht, President and CEO of SAM GROUP. “Her clinical teams have demonstrated success in reducing ER visits and hospital readmissions, and her project management leadership is exactly what our clients need to integrate complex digital health solutions with minimum disruption of their current workflows and procedures.”

Adoption of virtual care options and remote patient monitoring (RPM) devices continues to rise. In fact, Insider Intelligence estimates 70.6 million of U.S. patients, or 26.2% of the population, will use RPM tools by 2025. Seniors are driving positive ROI from RPM technology and home-based care, largely due to the cohort’s high incidence of multiple chronic diseases. A 2021  KLAS Research report found 38% of healthcare organizations running RPM programs focused on chronic care management reported reduced admissions, while 17% cited cost reductions.

SAM GROUP, INC. is a healthcare consulting firm specializing in healthcare business process outsourcing solutions.

For more information contact Lynn Lamprecht at 800-495-8174 or email [email protected]

Rosemary Glavan, RN MPA Joins SAM GROUP as Senior VP