AUGUST 24, 2021 – “SAM GROUP is pleased to announce that William Templeton has agreed to join our Board of Advisory” said Lynn Lamprecht, SAM GROUP’s President. “Mr. Templeton brings significant experience in financial services to our organization. Financing for remote patient monitoring devices and systems is essential to support the rapid growth of this tool for better care management of patients with chronic illness.”

During William Templeton’s tenure as President/CEO of The Money Store, that company grew from five hundred million in market capitalization to over eight billion. The Money Store was a key brand in the U.S financial services market for nearly thirty years.

“The demand for RPM in the U.S. alone, within our senior population, is going to require major investment of capital for financing of these telehealth devices and systems. I believe SAM GROUP is committed to building the right team to be able to manage and service these assets for both its healthcare clients and its investors.” stated Mr. Templeton.

According to, “along with the COVID19 outbreak putting new priority on remote health services, governments have once again proceeded to enable a favorable regulatory environment for providers integrating telehealth and RPM services into their chronic care portfolio.”

A July 2021 press release from on the Remote Patient Monitoring market writes that RPM “is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 16.4% during 2020-2028. The key factors that are driving the growth of this market are the growing prevalence of chronic diseases, rising awareness regarding healthcare, and surging demand for home-based treatments.”

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Templeton Joins SAM Group Board of Advisory